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Heeello dear readers!

It has been a while since the last time I posted something here, sorry about that. I have had so much to do, and the weather has been way to nice to just sit in front of the computer on my free time.

I got out from my last class for today 30 minutes ago, and I am now sitting with my friends in the library to study for a test I have on Friday in Trigonometry. I had never heard or worked with trigonometry before I came here, so I felt a bit lost when we first started to talk about it. I stayed for a while after class was over today and asked her to explain some parts that I did not understand so now I feel pretty good about it. I was so sure that I was going to law school when I was in high school so I did not take the last math course, which I now regret but my teacher is very helpful and understanding which makes the whole thing a lot easier. I am meeting up with my group from building construction at 7pm to work on our group project which is a 15 minutes presentation about metal roofing. Nothing huge but it still takes some preparations. I met up with my group for my Intro Lab this Monday to work on our presentation of the Burj Khalifa which I believe will turn out really good, and me and the guys I am working with are having a lot of fun at our meetings.

Except for studying for exams and working on group projects have I been watching way more hockey the last couple of weeks than what I usually do. I have a lot of friends who plays hockey for Wentworth, so I go to as many of their games as I can. I went to my first Bruins game ever last week, it was fun! Since our school is located in the middle of Boston, going to different places around the city it really easy. We took the T to both TD-garden and the arena that the guys are playing at.

Unfortunately, I do not have any good pictures for this blog post, but I promise to take some good ones until next time!