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Hello helloooo!

The last couple of weeks have been great. I got grades that I was happy with on my final projects and exams and I’ve had a blast with my friends. It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone when finals were over and people started to move out from our dorms. It’s going to be four months until I see them again!! As I said though, we really took advantage of the last time we had together and did a lot of fun things. Last Sunday for example, a bunch of us went to see the Red Sox play baseball at The Fenway. The weather was great and we had a great time sitting there chatting in the sun. To be honest I don’t even know what the score was at the end when we left, haha.

After me and my roommate Andrea moved out from our dorm room in Baker Hall I stayed at my friend Hannah’s house at the Hill a couple of minuted away from school. She had her car there over the weekend so one day we went on a small roadtrip. We drove around in her hometown and other small towns around Boston. I love looking at houses and the way they are build and designed here. It’s so similar yet so different from where I am from. I don’t know where I am going to live in the future, but my house will definitely have a huge porch, that’s for sure!

My friends from Sweden are in the U.S for a month on a roadtrip, and the last couple of days they’ve been in Boston! Yesterday they picked me up around 10am and the three Swedes + Christie went to Six Flags New England, which is an amusement park in Western Massachusetts around 1,5h car ride from Boston. It was a great day except for the fact that I thought I was going to die on the first rollercoaster ride. I told them that I wanted to go on a “kind” rollercoaster first to warm up, so of course the three of them dragged me in to the newest and scariest one as soon as we got in… The ones after that were awesome though! We stopped for Chipotle on our way out before the guys continued their trip down to New York and Christie and I went back to Boston.

I’m excited to go home and see my family and friends, but I can’t wait to end of August when I’m back in Boston again!

Per usual, a couple of pictures:




At Fenway Park


Hannah and I


Jake, Morgan and me


The three Swedes and Christie found some friends at Six Flags


Me, Morgan and Hannah



As promised in my previous post, this one will be about my first spring break in the U.S.

I went to Florida with my friend Christie and her family. We took the T out to Braintree where she’s from right after our last class on Friday to meet up with her family, packed the car and started our 22h trip down south. I basically slept through the entire trip except for when we stopped for food. We came down to her great aunt in Port st. Lucy on Saturday night and spend two nights there before we took the car alone down to Fort Lauderdale on Monday. Christie and I had a great time there and spend most of our time at the beach. We came back to Port st. Lucy on Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning they surprised me with a cake with candles since it was my 21st birthday. After we ate we started to pack the car to go home again. The trip back was a little different from the last one though. We stopped at a place who had speed boats and alligator safari. We took a guided trip and the guide told us about the different animals that lived in the wetland. Other than alligators we saw turtles, swimming birds and snakes. It was so much fun! Christie and I actually tried to go on our own alligator safari by her Aunt’s house, but we got scared by the huge eagles that circulated above us the entire time so we aborted that mission, haha.

At the end of the tour we got to hold a baby alligator. We became great friends him and I as you can see on the pictures below.


No tension at all between me and baby gator as you can see.

13059292_10208083684923866_695642536_n (1)

Me and Christie before dinner one night


This might look like a forced smile but it’s absolutely not

Hello hello!

I just came back from the last lunch for this time with my dear visitors from Sweden. What I call my extra parents have been here for almost a week and it has been great! They were our neighbors when me and my brother were kids and they are like an extra pair of parents for me, so that’s what I call them! They booked a spot at the hotel for me too, so I’ve been living with them for a couple of nights. We stayed at The Lennox Hotel which I would absolutely recommend if you or someone you know is visiting Boston. I took the T to school when it was raining and walked when it was sunny out since it only takes like 25 minutes. We have been eating so much good food and I showed them my favorite places around the city. I’m so happy they came and visited me! (I know you guys will read this. Miss you already!)

Today I have to edit a paper wrote for my English class and study for my Graphics for Facility management exam that I have on Thursday. I’m not too worried about finals week coming up, because I have most of it under control I think. I’m more sad about the fact that this semester is coming to its end and everyone is going home soon, including me! I missed everyone like crazy when I was home over winter break, and that was only for three weeks; this time I’ll be home for almost four months! We’ve been talking about how my friends here could fly over to Sweden for a week or so during the summer. That would be so much fun!

I realized while writing this post that I never wrote about my first spring break in the U.S, so that’ll have to be next posts topic!




Mandatory Dunkin’ Donuts like true Americans


Lunch in Chinatown!