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Friday, October 14th

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HELLO, hello!

The fall is officially here and it is BEAUTIFUL. Last weekend was a long weekend because of Columbus day, so my friends Hannah and Isabelle and I went apple picking at Smolak Farms, which is like forty minutes from Boston by car. It was probably the most American thing I have done so far after watching the Super Bowls, haha. After we were done we met up with Isabelle’s dad and had dinner at a restaurant. (Thank you for the chicken wings Mr. Kosman) Hannah had her car in Boston the entire weekend so we went to her house in Wakefield and to a mall outside of the city too. It was a great weekend!

Time is going by so fast, it is already time for midterms! I met up with my group for Introduction to management today. We usually book a study room in the library, but since we all live so close to each other we just went to Marouf’s apartment instead. We are printing our first stickers this weekend!

Also, I thought I would show you guys how I live! We are six girls sharing an apartment, and there are two floors. First floor consist of five bedrooms, a kitchen and living room, two bathrooms and a porch. Top floor is one bedroom (which is mine), a washer and dryer and a bathroom. My room does not have a wardrobe, so I made the hallway between my room and the bathroom in to one! I ordered everything except from the bed frame online. I’m still planning on putting some pictures on the walls, and maybe a TV (Mooooom I know you are reading this) but this is what it looks like right now!

If there is anything you want me to write about, please let me know!

Have a great weekend guys!


Hannah and I at the apple picking

room 4

My Bed! Curtain’s on its way


Supposed to be a chair here too…


Seen from the bed side


Hard working group in the study room


Hey hey everyone guess who’s back at Wentworth for yet another semester!

Two weeks have gone since my friends picked me up from Boston Logan airport and I moved in to my new apartment. I could say that the 10 minute walk to school is exhausting compared to last year when I lived on campus, but I won’t because my friend who lives four houses down drives me every morning (Thanks Chris!!). Actually every morning is a lie since I managed to make my schedule so that I don’t have any classes on Fridays. Again, the fact that we get to make our own schedules is great!

School’s on full speed which feels great after four months of work back in Sweden. I am taking five classes this semester instead of four since I switched major and never took Introduction to Management my freshman year. The other classes I take is Property Management, Introduction to Facilities Management, Business Communications and Computer and Business Applications. They are all very interesting and I really feel like they are going to be useful in the future. Right now in Introduction to Management we are working with starting up a small company and selling a product which is really fun. It is a competition within the class and whoever is the most successful at the end of this semester wins! The guys in my group are really good with design so we decided to make customized stickers. Perfect for your computer, car or whatever you feel like! Website coming up soon so all of you my dear readers can make orders! Another fun thing we are doing in Introduction to FM is interviews with people who works as facility managers. I contacted the Special Projects Manager at The Marriott hotels and I am meeting up with him on Monday for an interview. Exciting!

Enough for this time. Here are some pictures from my summer back home!



Amy came to visit from England!


Birthday dinner for one of my best friends!


Swedish Midsummer!


Hello helloooo!

The last couple of weeks have been great. I got grades that I was happy with on my final projects and exams and I’ve had a blast with my friends. It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone when finals were over and people started to move out from our dorms. It’s going to be four months until I see them again!! As I said though, we really took advantage of the last time we had together and did a lot of fun things. Last Sunday for example, a bunch of us went to see the Red Sox play baseball at The Fenway. The weather was great and we had a great time sitting there chatting in the sun. To be honest I don’t even know what the score was at the end when we left, haha.

After me and my roommate Andrea moved out from our dorm room in Baker Hall I stayed at my friend Hannah’s house at the Hill a couple of minuted away from school. She had her car there over the weekend so one day we went on a small roadtrip. We drove around in her hometown and other small towns around Boston. I love looking at houses and the way they are build and designed here. It’s so similar yet so different from where I am from. I don’t know where I am going to live in the future, but my house will definitely have a huge porch, that’s for sure!

My friends from Sweden are in the U.S for a month on a roadtrip, and the last couple of days they’ve been in Boston! Yesterday they picked me up around 10am and the three Swedes + Christie went to Six Flags New England, which is an amusement park in Western Massachusetts around 1,5h car ride from Boston. It was a great day except for the fact that I thought I was going to die on the first rollercoaster ride. I told them that I wanted to go on a “kind” rollercoaster first to warm up, so of course the three of them dragged me in to the newest and scariest one as soon as we got in… The ones after that were awesome though! We stopped for Chipotle on our way out before the guys continued their trip down to New York and Christie and I went back to Boston.

I’m excited to go home and see my family and friends, but I can’t wait to end of August when I’m back in Boston again!

Per usual, a couple of pictures:




At Fenway Park


Hannah and I


Jake, Morgan and me


The three Swedes and Christie found some friends at Six Flags


Me, Morgan and Hannah



As promised in my previous post, this one will be about my first spring break in the U.S.

I went to Florida with my friend Christie and her family. We took the T out to Braintree where she’s from right after our last class on Friday to meet up with her family, packed the car and started our 22h trip down south. I basically slept through the entire trip except for when we stopped for food. We came down to her great aunt in Port st. Lucy on Saturday night and spend two nights there before we took the car alone down to Fort Lauderdale on Monday. Christie and I had a great time there and spend most of our time at the beach. We came back to Port st. Lucy on Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning they surprised me with a cake with candles since it was my 21st birthday. After we ate we started to pack the car to go home again. The trip back was a little different from the last one though. We stopped at a place who had speed boats and alligator safari. We took a guided trip and the guide told us about the different animals that lived in the wetland. Other than alligators we saw turtles, swimming birds and snakes. It was so much fun! Christie and I actually tried to go on our own alligator safari by her Aunt’s house, but we got scared by the huge eagles that circulated above us the entire time so we aborted that mission, haha.

At the end of the tour we got to hold a baby alligator. We became great friends him and I as you can see on the pictures below.


No tension at all between me and baby gator as you can see.

13059292_10208083684923866_695642536_n (1)

Me and Christie before dinner one night


This might look like a forced smile but it’s absolutely not

Hello hello!

I just came back from the last lunch for this time with my dear visitors from Sweden. What I call my extra parents have been here for almost a week and it has been great! They were our neighbors when me and my brother were kids and they are like an extra pair of parents for me, so that’s what I call them! They booked a spot at the hotel for me too, so I’ve been living with them for a couple of nights. We stayed at The Lennox Hotel which I would absolutely recommend if you or someone you know is visiting Boston. I took the T to school when it was raining and walked when it was sunny out since it only takes like 25 minutes. We have been eating so much good food and I showed them my favorite places around the city. I’m so happy they came and visited me! (I know you guys will read this. Miss you already!)

Today I have to edit a paper wrote for my English class and study for my Graphics for Facility management exam that I have on Thursday. I’m not too worried about finals week coming up, because I have most of it under control I think. I’m more sad about the fact that this semester is coming to its end and everyone is going home soon, including me! I missed everyone like crazy when I was home over winter break, and that was only for three weeks; this time I’ll be home for almost four months! We’ve been talking about how my friends here could fly over to Sweden for a week or so during the summer. That would be so much fun!

I realized while writing this post that I never wrote about my first spring break in the U.S, so that’ll have to be next posts topic!




Mandatory Dunkin’ Donuts like true Americans


Lunch in Chinatown!


Monday February 22

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Hello hello dear readers,

Let’s start this post with a little announcement; We got an apartment for next semester!

Me and five other girls have been looking for a place for a while, and now we finally found a place that we all agreed on. It’s a six bed, three baths apartment like 10 minutes from our school. Perfect! They are all juniors so next year will be their last year here at Wentworth, which for me is really sad!

For me, it has been great living on campus my Freshman year. I’ve met so many people, not only in my building but also from hanging around campus all the time.

If you want to, you can get housing at Wentworth all four years. The pros about that is that you don’t have to pay for the months that you aren’t here, like the over the summer. And of course that you are close to school all the time. The upperclassmen housing here is really nice, so I understand why so many people chose to stay. All the girls I’m going to live with has been on campus until now, but they wanted to see how it felt living off campus their last year. These girls are the ones I hang out with everyday, so when they asked me if I wanted to live with them next year I said yes. We’re going to have so much fun! The area around our school is packed with college kids from all the schools around here, so there’s a lot of places around here to live at if you for some reason do not want to live on campus.

As I said in my previous post, me and Mary (which is one of the girls I am living with next year) are going to the Celtics game on Thursday! Apparently we did a good job looking at houses with him so he gave us free tickets to the game. I have zero homework or tests right now, so after I post this blog I will go with my other friend Brianna to the Prudential. It takes like 7 minutes with the T, but the weather is so nice today so I think we’re going to walk there.

Here’s a picture of Bri, Abby, me and Tori on our way to the hockey game two days ago. Wentworth won 4-1! These three are just some of the many people I’ve met on campus. The all go to MCPHS pharmacy school which is right next to Wentworth, and we met in the cafeteria. Glad we did! 12767781_10207594394211904_759987863_n


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(This post should have been posted two weeks ago, I forgot to post it)

Heeeello, hello!

Forget what I wrote about the weather in my previous post. The snow is pouring down now! The school was closed yesterday because of the weather so we got an extra long weekend, but I’m not complaining! The cafeterias in Beatty and MassArt were still open though, and since I didn’t have a lot of homework I spent most of my day hanging with my friends and eating food… A good day in other words!

I’m pretty sure that all of you know that this past Sunday was SuperBowl Sunday, which means that about 90% of Americas population watches a football game. I watched my first SuperBowl with my friends who has an apartment not far from the school. I knew that football was a big thing over here so I actually watched some tutorials of how to play before I came here in August last year, ha ha. The guys still had to explain some things, but at lost I wasn’t totally lost!


Here’s a picture of my friend Eric on the day it started to snow. We built a snowman on the quad!

Mary and I went to my first basket ball game ever on Thursday. It was a home game and Wentworth won. We got tickets to the Celtics game the 25th from our realtor! More about that in the next post. Have to go now!

Monday February 1st

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What is up with the weather here?? It’s February and 57 degrees Fahrenheit outside (which I guess is about 15 degrees Celsius for my dear Swedish readers). I went for a walk during lunch today in only a t-shirt and I got sooo hot. I’m not complaining though, I love it!

I only have one class on Mondays which is between 9am and 10am so I went to the Nike store at Copley with a friend after my walk and now I’m back in the library working with a drawing for my graphics class tomorrow. We’re working in a program called Revit which is really fun, and I feel like it’ll be useful for the future since it’s about creating and changing drawings. Very good things to know if you want to work with renovating houses!

Tonight is rugby practice! It’s supposed to be inside but I think we might go outside instead. I’ve been doing a lot of running lately to prepare for the season. I mean I can’t be inviting every single person I meet to our games and then be out of breath in like 2 min. That’d be pretty awkward, haha.

It’s only one month and 10 days to my 21st birthday today! WOHO! It’ll be on the Thursday of spring break, but I haven’t decided yet if I’m staying in Boston or not. I mean a trip to Florida is always nice, right? I really want to go to Texas and Tennessee at some point. And Maine!! Texas and Tennessee because they’re so American, and Maine because it seems so beautiful.

OK enough for today. Bye!!

Review of fall 2015

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I just finished my chemistry final, which actually went better than I expected. I went to my professors office yesterday and sat down with him for almost 2,5 hours, and then I studied the rest of the day with a friend. I can’t believe I’m flying home tomorrow. Time flies and I’ve had so much fun during this semester, here’s a quick review of my time is Boston so far!



Me and Johanna outside of TD garden

This picture is from my second day here in the city. Me and Johanna decided to go exploring and
basically walked around the entire city until our feet bled. Neither of us knew anything about the area so we got lost a couple of times, but it was a really fun day!


David on Newbury street

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from the first day of school, but David was one of the first juniors I got to know. He’s also from Sweden! This day was sooo hot. We had about 90 degrees Fahrenheit the first 1,5 months here. Pretty hot in other words. For you who read my previous post, this is at Newbury street!


This is a picture of Andrea from one of our daily study sessions in the park right next to Tudbury residence halls, which is like one minute from our dorm. We came there almost every day when it was hot outside to lay in the sun and do our homework together.


This is my friend Pablo! The picture is from a couple of weeks ago when we went shopping and stopped for some smoothies.


The last picture is just from a walk I took one or two weeks ago. It’s by the river about 20 minutes from my dorm. I think I live at the perfect place. Close to both the city life with shopping and restaurants and to the nature at the same time!

This will probably be my last post for this semester. Have a wonderful winter brake everyone!

When in Boston

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(Note to myself, make that trip to Texas happen)

A while ago I got a message from an old schoolmate who’s in Canada for one semester. He told me that his girlfriend was coming to visit and that they were planning on doing a little trip through the States during her time over the Atlantic ocean. They we’re coming to Boston, and he asked me for some tips on what to do here. I’ve only been here for three months, but You defiantly asked the right girl, Sir.

THEREFOR, I thought that I might share the list I did for Hugo and Olivia with my precious readers (They didn’t get the pictures and all that, I added them just for you guys) Here we go!

We can start by walking out from my building towards the Prudential center. It’s basically the same street all the way, so those who wants to go shopping comes with me, and those who prefer sports can take a left after about two minutes and continue the walk towards the Fenway to go see The Boston Red Sox play baseball.

I’d suggest that we have lunch at The Top of the hub, which is the restaurant at the top of the Prudential center. You can see almost the entire city from there and it’s beautiful. If you want to go there for dinner, especially on Friday or Saturday, you should make sure that you book a table or to be there when they open.

After we’ve gone through all the nice stores in the Pru, I think it’s time to move on to Newbury st, which is only a minute walk from where we just came from if you exit the building on the right place. If you’re feeling tired and feel like a minute walk is too far, you have The Boston Public Library to your right, or the second biggest Apple store in the world across the street.

There is a wide selection of stores at Newbury. You can buy a jacket at Barbour, a dress at forever 21 or why not a pair of Star wars slippers or a Superman t-shirt at Newbury comics? If you’re still hungry I think you should go to Joe’s, Stephanies or Paparazzi which are some of my favorite restaurants here.

Lets continue or walk towards Boston common! If you’re still not done shopping you should take a right when we stand right in front of the big Park. There are a lot of stores in this area too. If you’re in the mood for some Chinese food, China town is just a ten minute walk away from there! If you want to go to my favorite area, take a left to Beacon st. The streets behind Beacon st. are filled with cozy cafe’s that are perfect for a Sunday brunch in the sun.

If we decide to go straight forward towards the harbor we’ll pass Quincy market. It’s a big market hall filled with all kinds of food and pastries. We’re not far from the Boston aquarium now so if you’re in the mood for some penguins, this is the place!

North end is not far away, and this is the place to go to if you’re in the mood for some Italian food. I can’t remember any names now, but I promise to look it up if someone wants it. Mike’s pastries are famous for their cannolis, and there is a reason why. Buy a box and bring them down to the harbor!

I think you should go by the water on your way back. Or if you want to go for a run, this is the perfect place. You have Beacon st. on one side, and on the other side if the water is Cambridge. Take a trip to Harvard or just walk around on the streets. Cambridge is a very nice place filled with small unique shops and cafe’s.