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Helloooo readers!

Today is study day! I have my last final on Tuesday so I’m going all in on chemistry the next two days. I’ve already had my exams in English, math and building construction so I’ve basically been living in the library the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday I took some time off and went to a Swedish Christmas market at Tremont st. with my friend David. We were determined to buy tons of lussebullar (which is like a sweet bun with saffron) and ginger breads but they were sold out when we got there… We looked at the other things they were selling and listened to a Christmas choir until we both felt like it was time to go home and study. It’s pretty hard to get a true Christmas feeling when it’s like 15 degrees C outside and the sun is shining, but we tried our best!

At 7pm it was time to meet up with the rugby team for some skating in the frog pond in Boston common. We all met up at the leopard statue and took the T together to Park street, which takes like 15 min. We used to skate at the lake when I was a kid, so I wasn’t that bad. Maybe not NHL material, but not far away! After 1,5 hours on the ice we decided to go get food, and then we took the T back home again.

After my last final on Tuesday I’m going to start packing the things I have to bring with me back home. My flight is on Wednesday afternoon, so I got almost a whole day in Boston before I head back to Sweden for winter break. (I know that you’re reading this mum and yes, start packing one day before is enough!) It feels both great and a bit sad to go back home. I’ve missed my friends and family but I’m also going to miss all the friends I have here. College is so much fun and I wish that everybody would get the opportunity to study abroad, and if you can; DO IT!!

Here is a picture from the rugby banquet!  12355346_10207089648793584_204464401_n




Yes yes, I know. Thanks giving was like a week ago, but I just haven’t taken the the time to sit down and write about it until now. The time goes by so fast here! It feel like three weeks ago I stood at the west lot waiting for the keys to my room, not three months.. Time flies when you have fun, eh? (<— Sign of hanging out with people from Canada. Add eh at the end of all questions, haha)

Back to thanks giving! We had Thursday-Sunday off from school so almost all the students went home for the weekend, except for those who had games with the school team and had to stay because of that. Me and my friends started a little early by having a turkey dinner on Wednesday at the guys house. Everybody was supposed to bring something, so I brought meatballs. I know that they have nothing to do with a traditional turkey dinner, but I’m a rebel sometimes. Thank you guys for a fun night!

I got invitations to a couple of friends houses over the weekend, but I decided to just stay in Boston and relax. After sleeping for twelve hours on Thursday I went for a run and then I had dinner at a place in North end with a friend. North end is packed with great restaurants and the area around the harbor is so beautiful so if you’re in Boston; go there!

On Friday I met up with my friend again and went out for some black Friday shopping. The streets that were almost empty the day before was now packed with people. After going through some stores we decided to skip the shopping and eat instead. The weather was nice so we ha our lunch outside in the sun. Great day!

On Saturday and Sunday I slept way too much and did the extra credits for some of my courses so I wouldn’t have to deal with that after the break. It was a good weekend!

12346816_10207089956041265_363227713_nHere’s a picture of Jeremy slicing the turkey!

Heeello dear readers!

It has been a while since the last time I posted something here, sorry about that. I have had so much to do, and the weather has been way to nice to just sit in front of the computer on my free time.

I got out from my last class for today 30 minutes ago, and I am now sitting with my friends in the library to study for a test I have on Friday in Trigonometry. I had never heard or worked with trigonometry before I came here, so I felt a bit lost when we first started to talk about it. I stayed for a while after class was over today and asked her to explain some parts that I did not understand so now I feel pretty good about it. I was so sure that I was going to law school when I was in high school so I did not take the last math course, which I now regret but my teacher is very helpful and understanding which makes the whole thing a lot easier. I am meeting up with my group from building construction at 7pm to work on our group project which is a 15 minutes presentation about metal roofing. Nothing huge but it still takes some preparations. I met up with my group for my Intro Lab this Monday to work on our presentation of the Burj Khalifa which I believe will turn out really good, and me and the guys I am working with are having a lot of fun at our meetings.

Except for studying for exams and working on group projects have I been watching way more hockey the last couple of weeks than what I usually do. I have a lot of friends who plays hockey for Wentworth, so I go to as many of their games as I can. I went to my first Bruins game ever last week, it was fun! Since our school is located in the middle of Boston, going to different places around the city it really easy. We took the T to both TD-garden and the arena that the guys are playing at.

Unfortunately, I do not have any good pictures for this blog post, but I promise to take some good ones until next time!

Good afternoon my dear readers!

I am back in school after an extra long weekend due to Columbus Day this Monday. On Saturday I went with some friends to see my first rugby game ever. I liked it so much that I went to their practice yesterday. It was fun! I am going on Thursday too, but until then I need to study some rules so that I know more until practice on Thursday.

Today has been a pretty good day for me. I started by 8am as usual with math where we are doing a group project about correlations and linear equations. My group is going to examine the relation between the number of viewers at a soccer game and games won. It is fun to do something outside of the classroom sometimes! After math I had an exam in building construction on concrete and foundations which I think I did pretty well on. After that I sat in the library and did some homework and had lunch before it was time for English. That is my last class today so when it was done I went to my chemistry professor’s office to get some help about some things I did not understand in class. We talked for a while and he gave me some exorcises to work with. I think I am going to sign up for a tutor in chemistry. My professor suggested that since he’s obviously not in his office all the time, and it is really easy to sign up for. Right now I am in the library and writing this, and then I am going to a meeting about residential construction. The meeting is voluntary but I thought that I might go since I want to work with that in the future. The fact that they are giving out free pizza is also a big bonus..

Because I talked about chemistry and building construction in this post, I thought that these two pictures might be appropriate. The first one is a very serious(not) picture of me and my roommate before chemistry lab last Friday, and the second one is from building construction lab when we tied rebars two weeks ago.


12165802_10206824359401515_770155151_n IMG_4659