Start of Junior Year

September 9, 2013 — 1 Comment

The first week of classes went by really fast, especially considering I was without internet for the majority of the time(meaning no Netflix). I moved into an off campus apartment this year, and I did not realize how long it takes internet and cable to get installed! But it may be a good thing that I went cold turkey on the Netflix because this semester is going to be crazy busy! I was able to focus on my homework and club stuff without any temptations to be distracted. I already have homework for every class and two quizzes… it feels good to be back at it!

The first event that I was a part of this year was the Dire States Tour lecture by Dan McNichol. Dr. McNichol has an honorary doctorate from Wentworth and is a published writer, his works including The Roads That Built America and The Big Dig. Last Wednesday he spoke at Wentworth about his new adventure: a drive across America in a 1949 Hudson in order to spread the word about the conditions of America’s infrastructure and how important and outdated it is becoming. We were able to interact with him in an overview of Boston’s big dig and his work on that project, which was extremely interesting to hear. Dr. McNichol actually worked with a Wentworth Civil Engineering Professor, James Lambrechts, on this project some. It was interesting to hear more information on a project that one of my professors participated in and how important he was to the process, especially on such a historical project! After describing how the big dig revolutionized Boston’s infrastructure and way of life, he went on to describe how the infrastructure is in the United States compared to China. Those of us who stuck around had a chance to see the car that he will be driving around in and were able to sit in it! It is very comfortable, almost like sitting on a couch, but I am not sure I would like to drive around in a car that is over 60 years old!

Dr. McNichol’s plan is to travel across the United States and talk to schools like Wentworth about the importance of the infrastructure in the United States today, and how the government should focus on restoring bridges, dams, highways, etc. that may not be up to the potential that is needed to be safe and efficient. His travels should take him until April, and he has indicated that he would like to come back at this time to share his experience with us. This was a really great lecture, and over 50 students, alumni, and professors were in attendance. I would say that makes this event a success! I know I enjoyed it a lot and so did many of my friends that attended as well, so I very thankful to have had this opportunity!




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  1. Well done. Thanks for the fun review of our time together. I hope you’ll follow

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