“Be a WIThero” is a social marketing campaign designed to create a safer, healthier, and more supportive campus community, featuring three bystander training workshops. “Be a WIThero” integrates bystander intervention training, peer education, speakers and events, and consistent campus- and web-based media messaging. By changing campus culture, “Be a WIThero” ultimately aims to reduce rates of bias incidents and sexual violence, and increase rates of reporting at Wentworth.

Be a WIThero: Creating a Proactive Community

This workshop was designed to educate and prepare students for bystander intervention in bias incidents, involving race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability, or any other marginalized identity. This training was adapted from the University of New Hampshire “Bringing in the Bystander” program to address bias incidents at Wentworth. The goal of this workshop is to prepare students to actively intervene and to feel confident in their intervention. The workshop is 90-minutes and all attendees will receive a free WIThero wristband.

Be a WIThero: Standing Against Sexual Violence

Sexual assault is a serious issue at every institution of higher education. Bystander intervention education is recommended by Title IX and the American College Health Association as an effective form of primary prevention. “Standing Against Sexual Violence” was designed using materials from the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center to acknowledge and respond directly to the concerns, anxieties, and hopes of Wentworth students regarding sexual assault prevention. The goal of this workshop is to prepare students to intervene in instances of sexist, homophobic, or rape-supportive incidents in order to create a more inclusive and supportive campus environment. It also prepares students to intervene in situations where sexual assault could potentially occur. This workshop is two hours and all attendees will receive a free WIThero t-shirt.

Be a WIThero: Becoming a Citizen for Change

Coming soon!

“Becoming a Citizen for Change” is the culmination of the previous two bystander trainings. The goal of this workshop is to give students opportunities to practice bystander intervention through role playing and other activities. Students are required to attend both “Creating a Proactive Community” and “Standing Against Sexual Violence” before taking this workshop.


“Be a WIThero” was designed by Jie Yang and Leah Berkenwald.

“Creating a Proactive Community” was designed by Melanie Hentz and Sarah Lowell.

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