2015 – 2016 Executive Board

Tyler La Fronz
Computer Science ’17


I am Junior here at Wentworth; I grew up in Monmouth County New Jersey, in the town of Marlboro.

I chose Wentworth because of the computer science program, small community feel and the amazing location in the heart of Boston.

I have always had an affinity to computers, how they worked, why and the amazing things they do, as well as the ‘doors’ they can open.

Student government has been my main activity on campus, since freshman year. I am politically active and believe that even a single voice can make a change. While serving on and working Wentworth Student Government, I have a held the positions on the Executive Board, Public Relations Officer, in charge of social media and advertisements, as well as Vice President. I have had plenty of great experiences here at Wentworth; one of my favorite parts of Wentworth is the great community feel between the faculty, staff and students.

I am looking forward to the 2015-2016 year.

Vice President
Chase Manning
Mechanical Engineering ’18


I am from Franklin MA, but grew up in Utah for most of my life. I picked Wentworth because I wanted to be a student. When I went to other colleges I felt like I was just a number. But here I felt like I could be someone. I picked ME because I wanted to have a career doing something I love and ME will help me get there. I am involved in WSG, the honors fraternity, and WITCrew. A fun fact about me, is that I have been sky diving and have been scuba certified since I was 11.

I have been a member of WSG since I came to Wentworth. A friend said he did not want to go alone and asked if I would like to check it out as well. From that point on, I became as active as possible. This is my first time having an eboard position, and I look forward to helping the best I can.

My favorite thing about Wentworth is being able to be noticed and be a real person. When I visited other colleges and talk with some of my other friends, they feel like just a number when they are at the bigger schools. I like knowing the faculty and staff. But more importantly, I like having them know me.

Public Relations Officer
Jake Hall
Computer Science ’17


I’m from Norfolk MA, which is about an hour from Boston. I chose Wentworth mainly because of the Co-Op program and all the opportunities and clubs on campus! Currently I am president Marksman Club and a Member of IEEE. I also host a weekly D&D game with my friends!

I am involved with WSG because I felt like it would be good to get to know the Wentworth community better and because I was interested in how everything is run and how decisions regarding the student body are made!

My favorite Wentworth thing would have to be the Marksman Club, I have had amazing experiences with these people and they are like a second family to me. I have formed friendships with them that will last a life time.

Academic Affairs Officer and Commuter Representative
Susan Needleman
Computer Information Systems ’16


Growing up I always had a love for computers.  I still remember in Kindergarten my favorite activity was going on the class room computer.  It was not until much later that I decided I wanted to make it my life career.  My first introduction with technology came when I started volunteering at a local access television station. Early during my freshman year of high school I saw the Information Technology Director working and thought what he was doing was interesting and asked if I could help.   Soon I was known around the school as his unofficial assistant and had decided I wanted to become and Information Technology Director.  After a few years he also got an official assistant, who had just graduated from Wentworth and told me I should apply, so I visited the campus and did.  Coming from a very small high school and missed out on a lot that bigger schools had.  Touring Wentworth, I felt like it was the big high school I never had.  Unlike other schools I had visited I actually could see myself walking around the campus going to classes and fitting in.

Once I started Wentworth and still today I find this to be true.  I am a member of the Wentworth Events Board.  This year I am serving as Special Events Coordinator and last year I was President.  I am an Admissions Blogger and last year was a Student Wellness Empowerment Team Advocate, and served my third and last year as a Commuter Assistant.

I joined the Wentworth Student Government, the first week I started Wentworth.  There was a campus email that was sent out for a Commuter Representative opening.  I am a commuter and wanted to get involved with commuters and always wanted to be on a student government.  I joined and was voted into the position. Since I have also served as the Tutoring Center Representative and Public Relations Officer.  Currently I continue to serve as the Commuter Representative and am also the Academic Affairs Officer.  I look forward to helping the campus through these positions this year.

Will Sergeant
Computer Networking ’18


I am Will Sergeant, a resident of Merrimac, MA. Boston has always been a dream home for me. There is so much to do, people to meet, and good food to eat. Once I was accepted into Wentworth, the only task left was balancing the check books. I have no regrets. The city, Wentworth, and the Campus turned out to be a great place to relax, have fun, meet great people, and cram for finals!

My Student Government involvement was not a question of “If” I joined, but “When” is the first meeting? From the first meeting to the last of the 2014-2015 school year, including all optional meetings, I was there. I participated in the often lively debates, helped to fund various clubs through our co-sponsorship fund, and advised the many faculty on campus who came to us wanting to fix problems the student body was having. I took on the position of Treasurer because I want to help WSG grow, and if I have to learn a new position to do it then ok!

My favorite thing about Wentworth is the Faculty/Staff actually care about who you are, what are your goals, and how can they help you achieve them.