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Family Weekend

October 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

So last weekend at Wentworth was the family and alumni weekend. I initially thought, “no way, I am not going to be that freshman who brings their parents to family weekend and looks like a complete nerd”. My mom thought otherwise and decided that they were going to come and check it out. They couldn’t stay the whole weekend so we all decided that if they were going to come it would have to be Friday night. When they arrived on Friday I was a little unsure of what I wanted to show them or what we should do. We decided that we would head to the North End and find a great place to eat dinner and then go to the casino night in Waston Auditorium if there was time when we got back. We had a really great Italian dinner and I was thankful to get some food that was not from the same place I had been eating for over a month. We arrived back on campus around 7 and I thought “great, now my parents will want to embarrass me at the casino night event.” It ended up being a ton of fun and at the end of the night we got to trade our chips in for raffle prizes. I was hoping all night that we might win something but my ticket number had not been called yet. Finally they were announcing the last prize and I heard my ticket number being called off. I actually won something! I found out that my prize was an Amazon Echo which is a really cool speaker that almost acts like a Siri. I was really excited and definitely did not regret going to the casino night now.

After all of this I was actually really glad that my parents came to visit because I hadn’t realized how much I missed just eating dinner with them and doing silly things like going to casino night. After this event I would give advice to all students to let their parents come to campus and visit and thank them for all the support they have given to help us come to Wentworth and make the most of our time here.


Manufacturing Center

October 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

As an engineering student, we all have to take the same first year classes to get our feet wet into the different engineering disciplines. This includes taking a class on computer aided design as well as computer aided manufacturing or as we call it CAD and CAM. For the past few weeks I have been in the manufacturing center working on a simple but strangely pleasing project of milling an aluminum block to be 3 inches long. To do this you get to use the milling machine to cut the metal off of the block until it reaches this dimension. Once you have made the block 3 inches you create a design to mill onto your block as well as your initials and write code to tell the computer to cut this out of your block. This caused me so much stress because I had no idea how to write GCode or use the machines. Even more intimidating was the fact that I was only one of 3 girls in the class and many of the guys had already learned how to use these machines. Being one of the only girls in a class full of guys can be intimidating at times but when you figure something out or learn something from them it can be very rewarding. I was able to write my code and come up with a design that I loved. I never realized that when I came to Wentworth I would be doing so much hands on learning my first semester, which makes me even more excited for the years to come. If this class had not been required I don’t think I would have taken it because the idea of taking a manufacturing class with all guys using large machines sounds kind of scary. Now that I have taken the class and have been able to get my hands dirty in the foundry, welding, and using a milling machine I am considering taking a minor in manufacturing. The manufacturing center is definitely a place to check out even if you do not want to take the classes. Even though my class is at 8 AM, I enjoy waking up to get to that class and do hands on work. Even though they are simple things, I really loved making a leopard out of aluminum and a block with designs cut out of it.

Leopard made in the foundry at WIT

Leopard made in the foundry at WIT