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Open House

November 24, 2015 — Leave a comment



This Sunday I worked at the open house here at Wentworth to represent the Schumann Fitness Center. While I was sitting at the table lots of prospective students were coming up to me to ask questions about the fitness center, but my favorite questions were the ones about Wentworth in general. There were two students in particular that caught my attention who were just concerned about what life is like here. I had to think for a few minutes about what to say because all the information they here at open house could make or break there decision. I ended up just going on about how I like how small the school is and how there is a good community here. I talked about how walking to class I usually am able to say hi to at least a few of my friends. That’s the nice thing about having a small campus: you see lots of people that you know walking to class, in class, or hanging around the campus center. Being part of the open house reminded me of how I felt walking through all of the information booths trying to figure out if this is the right school for me. I hope that the students that I talked to were able to get some perspective on what life living at Wentworth is like. Being part of a small school community is so beneficial because you are able to feel at home on campus. Hopefully I will be able to participate in more open houses in the future because getting to talk to prospective students is a great experience which reminds me why I chose Wentworth.


Weekends at WIT

November 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

Coming to Wentworth I never expected to be homesick but for many of the first weekends here at WIT I couldn’t help but miss my family and friends and my old weekend routine. Many of my roommates leave on the weekends to go see their families, boyfriends, or just to get off campus. Even living with 10 girls, on most weekends only about 4 of us are there. While being homesick can be hard, staying on campus and taking advantage of the events at Wentworth and in Boston is so rewarding.

This weekend my roommates and I decided to be active and take advantage of WIT and Boston. On Saturday morning Dean Wenner gave a talk over breakfast about the Wentworth community. Not many students attend these events because they seem “lame” or they don’t want to wake up early to go to some meeting but my roommates and I decided to go. We got to sit down with Dean Wenner personally and talk about Wentworth and what we expect here and how we could make the campus better. Then we headed to Newbury Street to get some lunch at Joe’s Bar and Grill and do some shopping. Just walking around the city with friends can change the whole day. Sitting in the dorm and watching tv all day is not a good way to spend the weekend when you have the whole city in front of you.

On Saturday night we went to the Improve show put on by WIT students, Improv Boston touring group, and Weekends at WIT. This show was awesome and we could not stop laughing the entire time. The events put on by WIT are actually really good and also free so that’s a plus. So at the end of the weekend I realized that staying here and going to events on campus as well as exploring Boston is way more fun than going home just to go home. If you are a student living in Boston, definitely take advantage of all of your opportunities because it is so worth it.