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1 Semester Down, 9 to Go

December 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

Yesterday marked the very last day of the fall semester and also the day that all students have officially moved off campus for winter break. Honestly, I can’t believe I already finished one semester. It feels like move in day was only a few weeks ago. This semester started off hard with all of the change being thrown at me at once: moving into a new place with people I’d only ever spoken to a few times, making new friends, and starting college classes. After a few weeks I realized it was all going to be much easier than I had imagined. Wentworth is a pretty small, but amazing community and I was able to find friends pretty fast by just talking to people during class or in the cafeteria. Over the course of this semester I have learned a few things. One: Never give up on something because you think it will be too hard or it “too much effort”. So many times while doing homework or working on a project I just wanted to give up because I couldn’t find the answer but after continuing to persevere, things would always work out which a very rewarding feeling. Two: Know when to give yourself a break and balance school work with fun. Sometimes I would get wrapped up in homework and work on it all night just to finish something when in reality that was just making me more stressed. I have definitely learned to pace myself for all of my assignments and take breaks to have fun. Three: Be open to anything.

College is so much different than every other part of your life. There are way more opportunities here than at home living with your parents and taking classes that don’t interest you in high school. Once I got to Wentworth and started taking classes that interested me, school didn’t seem so bad. I actually enjoy going to some of my classes because we get to do fun experiments and labs that we would never be able to do anywhere else. We also have the entire city of Boston at our fingertips to explore whenever we feel like it. Living in the city is amazing. Three months really did go by fast and I wish I made more out of the time I had in Boston first semester. I can’t wait to come back for Spring semester to take on another three months of great memories to be made. Only one semester down, but nine more great semesters to look forward to.


Monday’s are everyone’s lest favorite days, especially mine because I have class 8 AM to 5 PM on those days.While classes can be fun and exiting, it is a lot of work to go to class for that many hours in one day. Last Monday was my birthday, and I expected it to be a terrible birthday because I would be stuck in class all day while my friends were all hanging out. After classes I went to dinner with my friend and when I came back to my room all of the lights were off in the suite. I was wondering why it was so dark until I opened my bedroom door and there were all of my roommates sitting and waiting for me to get back from dinner to surprise me. I was really shocked at how much effort they put into making my birthday special for me. Above my bed they hung up a Happy Birthday banner and there were balloons everywhere. I came into the room and they all started singing as they held out a plate of chocolate mousse truffles with candles in them. They even went to a special bakery to get them just for me. That night I was so thankful that I was able to live in a suite freshman year with 9 other amazing girls to hangout with and share the first year with. Since the beginning of the semester, I have become so close with all of the girls and they have become like sisters to me. Living on campus with these girls was one of the best decisions I made when coming to Wentworth and I’m thankful for them every day. I can’t imagine tackling semester 1 without them.