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So today I went to my Engineering Economy class and the professor was telling us about inflation and comparing percentages and stopped in the middle to tell us that we had already finish 20% of our semester in that class. At first I didn’t believe him because it seems like we haven’t had many classes, but when we looked at the calendar, he was right. We just had our 5th class of the semester today, but we only meet 25 times so technically the semester is 20% over. Things move so much faster when you are in college, it’s crazy. It seems like Monday-Friday is all one day and then the weekend hits and it always comes as a surprise. While the semester may be 20% completed, we still have only had 5 classes so the professors don’t know all of the students yet. It’s a weird place to be.

Even though the semester is already flying by, I am enjoying my classes so far. This semester I had to move my schedule around to take different classes then I would have liked to take and ended up taking 2 Economy classes. These classes are like nothing I have ever learned before. Being an engineering major, I have always loved math and science and not cared much about any other subject. I have also never really followed the news or paid attention to social media because I wasn’t very interested. Now, I have 2 classes that require me to take interest in the news and the stock market on a daily basis and I’m learning things that are completely new and interesting to me. I didn’t want to take the classes originally because I figured I would be one of the only kids in the class who had no previous knowledge of economics, but I think college is the perfect time for me to learn all of these things that I wouldn’t have a change to learn other places. Many things that I have heard people say about the economy, even politicians are proving to be wrong according to the information presented in these classes. It will be interesting to see what I will know and be able to follow in the news with the knowledge that I take from these classes.

Maybe we are 20% done but I am looking forward to the other 80% coming my way.