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Beautiful Day in Boston

February 29, 2016 — Leave a comment

Yesterday in Boston it was 61 degrees out and the perfect weather to explore the city. Lots of times when the weather is nice I am stuck inside doing homework, but yesterday I had no work to get done so my roommate and I decided to go for a walk to the Charles River. We started off by walking down Huntington Ave to look for a place to get something to drink for the walk. We quickly got to the symphony T stop and decided to turn towards the Charles River to look at the view of the river. Once we got to the bridge we took the footpath around the river and found a dock to sit on for a while. We ended up sitting on this dock for over an hour enjoying the sunshine and ducks swimming by us. When the sun started to go down we started to walk back to campus. On the way we stopped at Boston University and walked back through the Fenway area. Going for walks is one of my favorite things to do in Boston and getting out on a nice day is so relieving after spending so much time with my head stuffed in a book. If you get the chance to take some time off from studying, take a walk around the city on a nice day and enjoy being able to live in such an awesome city.


For Prospective Students

February 17, 2016 — Leave a comment

To anyone looking into Wentworth’s engineering programs:

Wentworth is much different than many other schools and I never realized this until I actually started taking classes here. Since Wentworth is an Institute of Technology, we start taking technical classes our first semester. Our engineering program is so hands on so fast. Within the first two weeks of school I was working in the manufacturing center, using the milling machines and writing code to program the machines. This may sound intimidating, but the professors are really helpful and learning hands on is much more fun then doing countless hours of book work (don’t worry that will happen too).

Within your first semester of engineering these are all of the things you will be learning how to:

  • Use SolidWorks to fix a bone fracture
  • Check a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and flexion/extension of a their arm
  • Find the work in a thermodynamic system
  • Use working model to model a simple motor and gear system
  • Test the tensile strength of different types of metal
  • Wire a motorized car and program it to move forward and backwards at different speeds
  • Find the concentrations of different chemicals in water
  • Determine if a certain soil is acceptable to be used at a work site
  • Develop a product for a specific end user
  • Use SolidWorks to make different assemblies
  • Use G-code and work on a milling machine to make a plate with your initials
  • Make an aluminum leopard in the foundry
  • Learn to weld and test the strength of your weld

and then those things people never know why we learn like:

  • How to find the velocity of a flowerpot falling off a 6 story building
  • The amount of pressure at the bottom of a large tank of molasses
  • How modernist thinking was influenced by the World Wars

So, if you were really wondering what you learn in your first semester here at Wentworth, these are the cool things that we get to learn in our engineering labs. The first semester is all about getting experienced with all the types of engineering that we have here. Learning all of these things might seem hard or unimportant now, but everything that we learned was fun and manageable with help from classmates and professors. Working in groups with other students during all of these labs was much more fun than sitting in a lecture all day.

I would recommend Wentworth’s engineering program to all students interested in getting hands on experience right from the start.


Snow Day

February 9, 2016 — Leave a comment

Today was my first snow day at Wentworth. We got an email around 5 this morning saying that classes were canceled and to enjoy our snow day. This was a much needed day to sleep in and get some rest after the insanely busy week that just passed. I thought that spring semester was going to be a breeze and go by quickly like first semester, but so far I have had a lot of work.

Last week was the start of my leadership path here at Wentworth. To apply for leadership positions here, you have to write an essay and send in a resume and attend classes for the Wentworth Leadership Institute. Last week all of the students applying for a leadership position had to attend group process, which is a night to test our leadership and team building skills. This was different than any type of interview I have ever gone to. We did different activities such as building a tower with various supplies and making skits about Wentworth. The evaporators judged us on how well we worked as a team and how well we performed our tasks. Today I had my interview for the RA position that I applied to and I an eager to find out the results.

I would encourage anyone who wants to get more involved on campus to join the leadership institute and apply for leadership positions. Going out for these positions really has helped my interview skills and also made me feel more confident as a student leader.