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Knowing that there is not a large population of women at Wentworth, every year the admissions office runs a women’s overnight program for students who have already been accepted to Wentworth. This past Thursday I had the opportunity to host one of the girls staying overnight to figure out if Wentworth is right for them. Some of my other roommates also got to host a prospective student. This event was exciting for us because about a year ago we were in the same shoes as the girls trying to decide where they want to go to college.

The night started off by the hosts meeting the prospective students in the multipurpose room to hear a talk from Dean Wenner about how the women at Wentworth really do make an impact. We saw statistics about how the 20% of women on this campus amounts to a lot more than 20% when looking at certain aspects of campus. Then the entire group of us met on the steps of Wentworth hall to take a picture and head to dinner at Fire and Ice, which was paid for by admissions. The girls came back to our dorm to stay the night and see what a typical night is like on campus. The girls got to shadow us to class the next day to see if they liked the feel of the classes and decide if they would be a good fit for them. I think this event was such a successful event because it helped me decide that I wanted to spend the next 4 years at Wentworth as well as many other people I met at my overnight. It was awesome to receive a text from the student staying with me saying “I will definitely be back at Wentworth next year”.

WON night 1