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Living in the city of Boston is awesome for college students because the entire city feels like your home. While Wentworth’s campus is fairly small, it’s awesome to have the city at your fingertips. However, when you are trying to sleep and fire trucks and police cars are driving past your dorm building at 3 AM the busy city life starts to become less homey. I am thankful that we have a place on campus to go and hangout that is away from the business of the city. The quad at Wentworth is one of my favorite places to hangout. On a sunny afternoon I love to go to the quad and lay in a hammock with my friends or do some homework at one of the picnic tables. There are also many events that take place on the quad during the school year. Some of these events include barbeques, fresh check day, the consent fair, and activities fairs.

The other day while hanging out on the quad a friend of mine came to fly a new drone that he bought. This is one of the many reasons to hangout on the quad. I got to fly the drone and see the entire Wentworth campus from an aerial view. Yes, flying a drone is super nerdy but it was a very cool experience and drew a lot of attention to the quad. This was a nice break from class and something fun to do. So, I would recommend hanging out on the quad because you never know what you’re going to see.

Picture taken of quad from drone

Picture taken of quad from drone


Wentworth Opening Week

September 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

After taking part in Wentworth’s Leadership Institute, I decided to to apply to help out with New Student Orientation during the summer. I came back in June for two and a half weeks and got to work with the staff of Student Engagement / Student affairs, the Office of Wellness, and the office of Diversity and Social Justice Programs. Helping out with orientation led me to join the staff for Wentworth’s Opening Week (WOW). The entire incoming class of new students goes through WOW programs to ensure that they become well acquainted with the school. As a new student going through WOW, the days are long and a lot of information is thrown at you, but being a WOW Team Leader is an entirely different experience. The WOW staff quickly became a group of friends that I can consider part of my family here at Wentworth and they made the week fun for me. I was actually sad when the WOW events were over and classes started because I knew that I would not be able to see these friends that I made every day anymore. Joining the student leadership programs at Wentworth was one of the best decisions I could have made. I am so glad to have met all of these amazing people.

wow staff