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Leadership Phase II

October 17, 2016 — Leave a comment

During the spring of this year I decided to sign up for Wentworth’s Leadership Institute classes. I took what is called Phase I of the leadership classes which was an eight week seminar focused on developing good leadership skills and how to be an ethical leader. Taking this class led me to apply for various student leadership positions on campus. Because of this class I was able to come back during the summer and be part of the orientation team.

This semester I signed up to take Leadership Phase II with Chris Scanlon. Chris works in the Student Engagement office at Wentworth and develops these leadership classes for the students. I thought that I loved Phase I, but Phase II has been even better. Throughout the week, it gets very tiring to sit at a desk all day and listen to lectures even if they are on topics you are interested in. Taking a class like Phase II is a refreshing way to end the day because while you are learning new information, there is no homework, no wrong answers, and the structure of the class is a lively discussion that you actually want to partake in. The thing that I like most about this class is that Chris asked us what we wanted to learn and formed our class around us. The leadership classes have made such a positive impact on my experience here at Wentworth and I would encourage other people to take these classes to get a little more out of your time here at Wentworth.


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