Archives For November 2016

Last week I finished up my last class of the Wentworth Co-op Institute, a 7 week class designed to prepare students to talk to employers and start finding their co-ops. Being able to spend time working in the industry before graduating is one of the best things that Wentworth has to offer. It’s great to be able to do a few different jobs to get a feel for the field that you will be working in and determine what interests you most about your field.

The office of Co-ops and Careers hold many networking events such as a career fair and mock interview day to give you time to meet employers and also get practice interviewing and networking. I have talked to a lot of other students who have already completed co-ops and everything they have told me is getting me excited to find a co-op and start getting more professional experience. I am a little nervous but also very excited for this opportunity. I just have started looking at job postings and writing some cover letters. Hopefully I will be able to report back to you guys with good news about finding a job, but until then, let the co-op searching begin!