Beautiful Day in Boston

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Yesterday in Boston it was 61 degrees out and the perfect weather to explore the city. Lots of times when the weather is nice I am stuck inside doing homework, but yesterday I had no work to get done so my roommate and I decided to go for a walk to the Charles River. We started off by walking down Huntington Ave to look for a place to get something to drink for the walk. We quickly got to the symphony T stop and decided to turn towards the Charles River to look at the view of the river. Once we got to the bridge we took the footpath around the river and found a dock to sit on for a while. We ended up sitting on this dock for over an hour enjoying the sunshine and ducks swimming by us. When the sun started to go down we started to walk back to campus. On the way we stopped at Boston University and walked back through the Fenway area. Going for walks is one of my favorite things to do in Boston and getting out on a nice day is so relieving after spending so much time with my head stuffed in a book. If you get the chance to take some time off from studying, take a walk around the city on a nice day and enjoy being able to live in such an awesome city.


For Prospective Students

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To anyone looking into Wentworth’s engineering programs:

Wentworth is much different than many other schools and I never realized this until I actually started taking classes here. Since Wentworth is an Institute of Technology, we start taking technical classes our first semester. Our engineering program is so hands on so fast. Within the first two weeks of school I was working in the manufacturing center, using the milling machines and writing code to program the machines. This may sound intimidating, but the professors are really helpful and learning hands on is much more fun then doing countless hours of book work (don’t worry that will happen too).

Within your first semester of engineering these are all of the things you will be learning how to:

  • Use SolidWorks to fix a bone fracture
  • Check a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and flexion/extension of a their arm
  • Find the work in a thermodynamic system
  • Use working model to model a simple motor and gear system
  • Test the tensile strength of different types of metal
  • Wire a motorized car and program it to move forward and backwards at different speeds
  • Find the concentrations of different chemicals in water
  • Determine if a certain soil is acceptable to be used at a work site
  • Develop a product for a specific end user
  • Use SolidWorks to make different assemblies
  • Use G-code and work on a milling machine to make a plate with your initials
  • Make an aluminum leopard in the foundry
  • Learn to weld and test the strength of your weld

and then those things people never know why we learn like:

  • How to find the velocity of a flowerpot falling off a 6 story building
  • The amount of pressure at the bottom of a large tank of molasses
  • How modernist thinking was influenced by the World Wars

So, if you were really wondering what you learn in your first semester here at Wentworth, these are the cool things that we get to learn in our engineering labs. The first semester is all about getting experienced with all the types of engineering that we have here. Learning all of these things might seem hard or unimportant now, but everything that we learned was fun and manageable with help from classmates and professors. Working in groups with other students during all of these labs was much more fun than sitting in a lecture all day.

I would recommend Wentworth’s engineering program to all students interested in getting hands on experience right from the start.


Snow Day

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Today was my first snow day at Wentworth. We got an email around 5 this morning saying that classes were canceled and to enjoy our snow day. This was a much needed day to sleep in and get some rest after the insanely busy week that just passed. I thought that spring semester was going to be a breeze and go by quickly like first semester, but so far I have had a lot of work.

Last week was the start of my leadership path here at Wentworth. To apply for leadership positions here, you have to write an essay and send in a resume and attend classes for the Wentworth Leadership Institute. Last week all of the students applying for a leadership position had to attend group process, which is a night to test our leadership and team building skills. This was different than any type of interview I have ever gone to. We did different activities such as building a tower with various supplies and making skits about Wentworth. The evaporators judged us on how well we worked as a team and how well we performed our tasks. Today I had my interview for the RA position that I applied to and I an eager to find out the results.

I would encourage anyone who wants to get more involved on campus to join the leadership institute and apply for leadership positions. Going out for these positions really has helped my interview skills and also made me feel more confident as a student leader.

So today I went to my Engineering Economy class and the professor was telling us about inflation and comparing percentages and stopped in the middle to tell us that we had already finish 20% of our semester in that class. At first I didn’t believe him because it seems like we haven’t had many classes, but when we looked at the calendar, he was right. We just had our 5th class of the semester today, but we only meet 25 times so technically the semester is 20% over. Things move so much faster when you are in college, it’s crazy. It seems like Monday-Friday is all one day and then the weekend hits and it always comes as a surprise. While the semester may be 20% completed, we still have only had 5 classes so the professors don’t know all of the students yet. It’s a weird place to be.

Even though the semester is already flying by, I am enjoying my classes so far. This semester I had to move my schedule around to take different classes then I would have liked to take and ended up taking 2 Economy classes. These classes are like nothing I have ever learned before. Being an engineering major, I have always loved math and science and not cared much about any other subject. I have also never really followed the news or paid attention to social media because I wasn’t very interested. Now, I have 2 classes that require me to take interest in the news and the stock market on a daily basis and I’m learning things that are completely new and interesting to me. I didn’t want to take the classes originally because I figured I would be one of the only kids in the class who had no previous knowledge of economics, but I think college is the perfect time for me to learn all of these things that I wouldn’t have a change to learn other places. Many things that I have heard people say about the economy, even politicians are proving to be wrong according to the information presented in these classes. It will be interesting to see what I will know and be able to follow in the news with the knowledge that I take from these classes.

Maybe we are 20% done but I am looking forward to the other 80% coming my way.

1 Semester Down, 9 to Go

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Yesterday marked the very last day of the fall semester and also the day that all students have officially moved off campus for winter break. Honestly, I can’t believe I already finished one semester. It feels like move in day was only a few weeks ago. This semester started off hard with all of the change being thrown at me at once: moving into a new place with people I’d only ever spoken to a few times, making new friends, and starting college classes. After a few weeks I realized it was all going to be much easier than I had imagined. Wentworth is a pretty small, but amazing community and I was able to find friends pretty fast by just talking to people during class or in the cafeteria. Over the course of this semester I have learned a few things. One: Never give up on something because you think it will be too hard or it “too much effort”. So many times while doing homework or working on a project I just wanted to give up because I couldn’t find the answer but after continuing to persevere, things would always work out which a very rewarding feeling. Two: Know when to give yourself a break and balance school work with fun. Sometimes I would get wrapped up in homework and work on it all night just to finish something when in reality that was just making me more stressed. I have definitely learned to pace myself for all of my assignments and take breaks to have fun. Three: Be open to anything.

College is so much different than every other part of your life. There are way more opportunities here than at home living with your parents and taking classes that don’t interest you in high school. Once I got to Wentworth and started taking classes that interested me, school didn’t seem so bad. I actually enjoy going to some of my classes because we get to do fun experiments and labs that we would never be able to do anywhere else. We also have the entire city of Boston at our fingertips to explore whenever we feel like it. Living in the city is amazing. Three months really did go by fast and I wish I made more out of the time I had in Boston first semester. I can’t wait to come back for Spring semester to take on another three months of great memories to be made. Only one semester down, but nine more great semesters to look forward to.


Monday’s are everyone’s lest favorite days, especially mine because I have class 8 AM to 5 PM on those days.While classes can be fun and exiting, it is a lot of work to go to class for that many hours in one day. Last Monday was my birthday, and I expected it to be a terrible birthday because I would be stuck in class all day while my friends were all hanging out. After classes I went to dinner with my friend and when I came back to my room all of the lights were off in the suite. I was wondering why it was so dark until I opened my bedroom door and there were all of my roommates sitting and waiting for me to get back from dinner to surprise me. I was really shocked at how much effort they put into making my birthday special for me. Above my bed they hung up a Happy Birthday banner and there were balloons everywhere. I came into the room and they all started singing as they held out a plate of chocolate mousse truffles with candles in them. They even went to a special bakery to get them just for me. That night I was so thankful that I was able to live in a suite freshman year with 9 other amazing girls to hangout with and share the first year with. Since the beginning of the semester, I have become so close with all of the girls and they have become like sisters to me. Living on campus with these girls was one of the best decisions I made when coming to Wentworth and I’m thankful for them every day. I can’t imagine tackling semester 1 without them.


Open House

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This Sunday I worked at the open house here at Wentworth to represent the Schumann Fitness Center. While I was sitting at the table lots of prospective students were coming up to me to ask questions about the fitness center, but my favorite questions were the ones about Wentworth in general. There were two students in particular that caught my attention who were just concerned about what life is like here. I had to think for a few minutes about what to say because all the information they here at open house could make or break there decision. I ended up just going on about how I like how small the school is and how there is a good community here. I talked about how walking to class I usually am able to say hi to at least a few of my friends. That’s the nice thing about having a small campus: you see lots of people that you know walking to class, in class, or hanging around the campus center. Being part of the open house reminded me of how I felt walking through all of the information booths trying to figure out if this is the right school for me. I hope that the students that I talked to were able to get some perspective on what life living at Wentworth is like. Being part of a small school community is so beneficial because you are able to feel at home on campus. Hopefully I will be able to participate in more open houses in the future because getting to talk to prospective students is a great experience which reminds me why I chose Wentworth.


Weekends at WIT

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Coming to Wentworth I never expected to be homesick but for many of the first weekends here at WIT I couldn’t help but miss my family and friends and my old weekend routine. Many of my roommates leave on the weekends to go see their families, boyfriends, or just to get off campus. Even living with 10 girls, on most weekends only about 4 of us are there. While being homesick can be hard, staying on campus and taking advantage of the events at Wentworth and in Boston is so rewarding.

This weekend my roommates and I decided to be active and take advantage of WIT and Boston. On Saturday morning Dean Wenner gave a talk over breakfast about the Wentworth community. Not many students attend these events because they seem “lame” or they don’t want to wake up early to go to some meeting but my roommates and I decided to go. We got to sit down with Dean Wenner personally and talk about Wentworth and what we expect here and how we could make the campus better. Then we headed to Newbury Street to get some lunch at Joe’s Bar and Grill and do some shopping. Just walking around the city with friends can change the whole day. Sitting in the dorm and watching tv all day is not a good way to spend the weekend when you have the whole city in front of you.

On Saturday night we went to the Improve show put on by WIT students, Improv Boston touring group, and Weekends at WIT. This show was awesome and we could not stop laughing the entire time. The events put on by WIT are actually really good and also free so that’s a plus. So at the end of the weekend I realized that staying here and going to events on campus as well as exploring Boston is way more fun than going home just to go home. If you are a student living in Boston, definitely take advantage of all of your opportunities because it is so worth it.

Family Weekend

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So last weekend at Wentworth was the family and alumni weekend. I initially thought, “no way, I am not going to be that freshman who brings their parents to family weekend and looks like a complete nerd”. My mom thought otherwise and decided that they were going to come and check it out. They couldn’t stay the whole weekend so we all decided that if they were going to come it would have to be Friday night. When they arrived on Friday I was a little unsure of what I wanted to show them or what we should do. We decided that we would head to the North End and find a great place to eat dinner and then go to the casino night in Waston Auditorium if there was time when we got back. We had a really great Italian dinner and I was thankful to get some food that was not from the same place I had been eating for over a month. We arrived back on campus around 7 and I thought “great, now my parents will want to embarrass me at the casino night event.” It ended up being a ton of fun and at the end of the night we got to trade our chips in for raffle prizes. I was hoping all night that we might win something but my ticket number had not been called yet. Finally they were announcing the last prize and I heard my ticket number being called off. I actually won something! I found out that my prize was an Amazon Echo which is a really cool speaker that almost acts like a Siri. I was really excited and definitely did not regret going to the casino night now.

After all of this I was actually really glad that my parents came to visit because I hadn’t realized how much I missed just eating dinner with them and doing silly things like going to casino night. After this event I would give advice to all students to let their parents come to campus and visit and thank them for all the support they have given to help us come to Wentworth and make the most of our time here.


Manufacturing Center

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As an engineering student, we all have to take the same first year classes to get our feet wet into the different engineering disciplines. This includes taking a class on computer aided design as well as computer aided manufacturing or as we call it CAD and CAM. For the past few weeks I have been in the manufacturing center working on a simple but strangely pleasing project of milling an aluminum block to be 3 inches long. To do this you get to use the milling machine to cut the metal off of the block until it reaches this dimension. Once you have made the block 3 inches you create a design to mill onto your block as well as your initials and write code to tell the computer to cut this out of your block. This caused me so much stress because I had no idea how to write GCode or use the machines. Even more intimidating was the fact that I was only one of 3 girls in the class and many of the guys had already learned how to use these machines. Being one of the only girls in a class full of guys can be intimidating at times but when you figure something out or learn something from them it can be very rewarding. I was able to write my code and come up with a design that I loved. I never realized that when I came to Wentworth I would be doing so much hands on learning my first semester, which makes me even more excited for the years to come. If this class had not been required I don’t think I would have taken it because the idea of taking a manufacturing class with all guys using large machines sounds kind of scary. Now that I have taken the class and have been able to get my hands dirty in the foundry, welding, and using a milling machine I am considering taking a minor in manufacturing. The manufacturing center is definitely a place to check out even if you do not want to take the classes. Even though my class is at 8 AM, I enjoy waking up to get to that class and do hands on work. Even though they are simple things, I really loved making a leopard out of aluminum and a block with designs cut out of it.

Leopard made in the foundry at WIT

Leopard made in the foundry at WIT